CHEM 105 - General Chemistry I - Fall 2014

Eric Glendening
Science 35N, 237-2235
MWF 9:00-9:50 in Science 18
R 9:30-10:45 in Science 12
Office Hours:
Afternoons are best, or by appointment
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Supplemental Instructor: Nicole Hostetter ( will serve as supplemental instructor (SI) during the Thursday workshops. Nicole will also lead extra help sessions at the following times:

  • Tuesday afternoons, 3:30-4:50, in Science 134
  • Thursday afternoons, 1:00-2:30, in Holmstedt 201
  • Textbook and Online Homework: You must purchase two items for this course, a textbook and an access code for OWLv2 (Online Web Learning Version 2). The text and OWL will be used for both general chemistry courses (CHEM 105 and 106) during the 2014-15 academic year.

    The text is Zumdahl's Chemistry, 9th ed., 2013. A picture of the cover is shown above. The text is available at the ISU bookstore and from various on-line booksellers. OWL is an on-line electronic homework system.

    The ISU Bookstore sells copies of the Zumdahl text bundled with OWL for $176.45. The text is unbound loose leaf, so you will need a large three-ring binder to hold your text. Thus, your total cost for course materials (text and OWL) for CHEM 105 will probably be $180-185. No additional course materials are required if you plan to continue on to CHEM 106 in 2015.

    Alternatively, you can purchase the text and OWL from This site provides a 24-month license for OWLv2 and access to an electronic copy of the text for $126.00. (A hardcopy of the text is not required.)

    A laboratory manual must purchased for the CHEM 105L laboratory course. The manual is only available at the ISU bookstore, for $29.70.

    On-line grade policy: Scores for all quizzes, electronic homework, workshops, and exams are posted on the "On-line Grades" link shown above. Your grades will only appear on-line if you give me permission to post them. If your grades do not appear in the above link and you would like to see them listed there (along with those of your classmates), you will need to complete a permission form. At your request, I will remove your grades or change your six-digit identification number.